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Testing of Parrior Alpaka Electric Spin Scrubber

The Parrior Alpaka is presented as a practical cleaning tool for the home. It has come to us courtesy of the manufacturer as a preview, before its official launch on the market, to discover its qualities and functionality. The company offers it as a powerful ally capable of effortless deep cleaning.

I purchased the Parrior Alpaka cleaning brush online not long ago. After using it for a while, I would like to talk about my opinion about this product. Now, read on to learn about the key features of the Alpaka cleaning brush.

large box to contain the unbeatable variety of accessories

Presentation and Design of the Parrior Alpaka Cleaning Brush

The Alpaka reference, manufactured by the company Parrior, is presented as a cleaning device for all types of surfaces. A powerful electric brush that promises functionality and the practical benefit of portable use, as it works without a cable. The firm's idea is to provide a versatile appliance that is easy to use.

the device and its accessories are spread over several well protected levels

The product arrives in a typical cardboard box, with a simple design. It presents good photographs of the tool, and details enough features of the device to get a clear idea of its performance.

Parrior intends to launch the product with different accessory kits. We have been given the electric toothbrush pack with the most accessories for the sample. It does not lack a manual, or a power adapter.

Design of the Alpaka Cleaning Brush

Parrior's brush looks good, and its manageable weight is appreciated. The product sports a light color with striking orange accents. At first glance, the device closely resembles a vacuum cleaner or electric broom in shape and size. And although the design is not much more compact than those devices, the manufacturer's efforts to optimize handling are noticeable.

Alpaka cleaning brush design

This model weighs only 870 grams and has a length of 97.2 cm. It is not extendable, and its design is so simple that we can assure you that it is not necessary to consult the manual to assemble its parts. The entire outer casing of the brush is made of plastic.

The brush has a power connector protected with a small orange silicone plug. It can be found on the side of the handle.

This tool is so easy to use that it has only one button. The Alpaka brush signals charging with a set of small LED indicators.

Technical Details of the Parrior Cleaning Brush

Among the advantages of this cleaning tool, possibly the most outstanding is the cordless operation. And although the Alpaka brush cannot boast the great autonomy of other references, the 2,500 mAh battery provides enough capacity to operate for up to 2 hours independently.

Power to Get Rid of Dirt

The Parrior Alpaka has a powerful motor, superior to that used by other references in its category. Thanks to it, it can work more efficiently on all types of surfaces. It offers speeds of 250 and 300 RPM, allowing the user to select the desired effort according to the resistance of the stains to be removed. With a torque of 36 kg. cm, nothing can resist it.

Handling the Alpaka Cleaning Brush

After unpacking the Parrior brush, it is necessary to perform a full charge of the battery. Once the operation is completed, with the device assembled, we attach the most suitable head for the task and our needs. Then, we simply activate the brush by pressing the power button.

A Comfortable and Easy Cleaning Job

The excellent ergonomics of this device, and the possibility of modifying its layout, make it easy to access even difficult areas without effort. The key is the adjustable elbow with which the head can be adjusted at an angle of 0°, 45°, and 90°. So we will never have to force our working posture.

In addition, the device is protected against water damage. It is IPX7 certified, which means it can withstand splashes and even brief immersions.

Technical Specifications of the Parrior Alpaka Cleaning Tool

In the table below, we detail all the features of the Alpaka brush:

 Design Engine Characteristics
Dimensions 97.2 cm length Torque 36
Weight 870 grams Speed 250 / 300 RPM
Color Cream, white with orange elements Noise <70 dB
Materials Plastic and metal
Others Adjustable angle 0º / 45º / 90º
  Features Battery
Design Wireless and portable Capacity 2,500 mAh

Large areas: bathroom, floor, wall, ceiling

Corners: tile joints, kitchen, gas stoves, gas stoves

Sink, shower

Oven, extractor hood

Autonomy Up to 2 hours
Others IPX7 (front part submersible in water) Charging time 1.5 hours
Power and voltage 45 W / 7,4 V
  Indicators and Control Others
Buttons On / Off Contents of the box

Electric cleaning brush

Various interchangeable heads

Large and small plan



Hair picker

Sponges and chamois



Instruction Manual

Information 3 LEDS Status and charge level indicators


Conclusions on the Parrior Alpaka Cleaning Brush

The Alpaka cleaning brush has turned out to be the practical ally that its manufacturer promises. Capable of removing the most stubborn dirt on all types of surfaces, it impresses with its efficiency when cleaning in depth.

the Parrior Alpaka household cleaning brush is a fantastic and versatile ally for the home

In addition, it is extremely comfortable to use and there is no inaccessible area for the brush, no matter how complicated it may seem. It is worth highlighting the variety of accessories, which exponentially multiply the intrinsic flexibility of the device.

With them, we will always have a solution adapted to the space we want to clean to obtain the best possible result. Those interested can access the Parrior website where the details are being finalized for its launch on January 31, 2023, on Kickstarter with a great promotional offer.

For all this, we give the practical and versatile Parrior Alpaka our Gold Award.

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