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I absolutely hate doing household chores, especially cleaning. My wife hates it, my sister hates it, my mother hates it. I'm going to take a guess and assume that you're not a fan of it, either. That's why I started Parrior - to create tools that bring a smile to your face, and put power in your hands. Who knows, maybe one day we can make doing chores fun.

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August Chow
Creator of Parrior

Small Tool, Big Difference

It works hard so you don't have to

Key features of Parrior Alpaka Electric Spin ScrubberKey features of Parrior Alpaka Electric Spin Scrubber

No Stain Too Stubborn

4 Times Cleaning Power Than Other Products

4 times cleaning power than other products4 times cleaning power than other products

Before & After

Cleaning the bathtub with Parrior Alpaka electric spin scrubber

Comparison before and after cleaning the bathtub

So Simple, You Probably Don't Need Instructions

  • 1. One button. That's all you need to master

  • 2. Universal mounting interface - mix and match your brush heads

  • 3. Snap-on assembly - just pop and go

  • 4. Push to adjust the angle of your brush head

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PARRIOR Alpaka electric spin scrubber in a box